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Fibercore has launched the HB-C range of bowtie coupler fibres with characteristics developed to enable the fabrication of fused-taper, polarisation-maintaining couplers.

The range is designed primarily for the fibre-sensor sector and in particular for the next generations of fibre optic gyroscopes.

The HB-C range has been developed in response to the demand for higher performance fibre sensors and utilises Fibercore’s Hibi ‘bowtie’ structure.

All fibre components, such as polarisation-maintaining couplers, benefit from reduced excess loss and also from intrinsic spatial filtering when compared with alternative, planar-waveguide-based solutions.

The HB-C range is also far easier to use in a manufacturing environment than earlier polarisation-maintaining coupler fibre designs as the bowtie stress members remain visible from the side, thereby enabling visual alignment of the fibres’ birefringent axes.

HB800C and HB1500C have been designed to be compatible with Fibercore’s HB800G and HB1500G gyro fibres and are available for immediate trials.

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