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Megatech has introduced a range of affordable high-temperature fibre optic pyrometers manufactured by US-based Process Sensors.

The range consists of two models designated the DSF-30NG and the DSF-34NG, which have a wide temperature range of 600 to 1,800C.

They are for use primarily in the glass industry and are ideal for temperature measurement in glasstanks, forehearths, feeders and gobs.

The robust cast housing with flanged tabs allows ease of installation and can be located up to 30m from the optical lens assembly.

A rugged stainless steel air purge, for virtually maintenance-free operation, is provided with a mounting bracket, and an alumina or Inconel sight/target tube assembly allows for operation in dirty environments.

The optical lens can be simply cleaned or replaced.

The DSF-30NG has a linear 4-20mA output signal that can be easily incorporated into existing measurement and control systems.

It is equipped with a USB interface, while the DSF-34NG features an RS485 interface connection.

IR sensor parameters, such as emissivity, sub range, response time and peak picking can be easily adjusted by the PSCConnect software.

Measuring approximately 110 x 70 x 30mm and weighing approximately 600g, they are suitable for environments where space and weight is at a premium.

These products can also be used in other industries where it is necessary to measure high temperatures.

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