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Field Precision, a developer of 2D/3D finite-element software for electromagnetics, has released Version 7.0 of the Tricomp series.

The Tricomp packages represent advanced Windows software for electric fields, magnet design, charged-particle guns, thermal transport and time- and frequency-domain electromagnetics.

Its low single-time purchase price and free update policy may appeal to universities and consultants.

In the unitised suite, solution programs are coordinated with an automatic mesh generator with a built-in geometry editor and the capability to import DXF files from any CAD program.

The following solution programs are available: EStat – electrostatic fields, dielectric or conductive solutions with advanced features such as anisotropic materials; Permag – magnetostatic fields of electromagnets and permanent-magnet assemblies, which handles saturation in soft materials and nonlinear permanent magnets; Trak – charged particle guns and beam transport with support for relativistic beams, Child-law emission, field emission and self-consistent plasma surfaces; EMP and Wavesim – time-domain and frequency-domain electromagnetics, with application to microwave devices, pulsed-power technology, wave scattering, EMP and so on; TDiff: dynamic and steady-state thermal transport in solids and biological media, which supports temperature-dependent material properties and perfusion; Pulse and Nelson – pulsed and harmonic magnetic fields with eddy-current effects; and RFE2 – RF electric fields with displacement and real current effects.

Tricomp 7.0 also introduces features such as: bitmap buffering to provide quick and smooth regeneration of complex plots and compatibility with all display modes of Windows 7; the Save Plot File command, which lets the user generate high-quality BMP files of the current plot in a standard or custom pixel size; number of regions (physical objects) in the solution space has been increased to 250; programs are available in 64-bit compilations for unlimited memory access; all arithmetic operations are performed in double precision; support for multi-core and multi-processor has been added for faster solutions on large meshes; and solution analysis functions that are controlled by configuration files.

Users can create custom configurations for their applications with the option to define special quantities for plots, interpolations, volume integrals and surface integrals.

Analysis menus include a complete set of tools for plotting vector quantities or tracking field lines.

Users can also activate a graphical display that shows the evolution of initial-value solutions and the convergence of boundary-value solution.

The Save Plot File feature is a preliminary automatic movie generation, a feature that will be introduced in February 2011.

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