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Fielding Manufacturing, which made its name producing miniature parts, has increased its zinc die-casting capacity with the addition of three Techmire multiple-slide die-casting machines.

The three machines, two 44NTs and one 66NT, will allow Fielding to manufacture parts up to 9.33oz (265g) and 11oz respectively.

Steve Fielding, president of Fielding Manufacturing, said: ‘In the scheme of things, these are still small parts, but up until now we focused on a maximum part size that would fit in a 1.5in [3.8cm] cube.

‘However, as many of our miniature-parts customers have asked us if we could make slightly larger parts for them as well, we decided to step up in size capability in order to service their broader needs,’ he added.

Techmire NT Series machines are claimed to incorporate the latest technology in electronics, software and hydraulics to the die-casting process in an integrated and energy-efficient manner.

The machines feature fully integrated hydraulic systems for fast cycle times and consistent clamping pressures, automatic metal loading systems, precision injection systems and computer-based controls.

Fielding said: ‘Zinc die casting is a mature process and, even though zinc has been around for a while, designers are still discovering its benefits in the manufacture of precision components.

‘Along with our four-slide die-casting capabilities, we offer in-house part design assistance and rapid prototyping to test form, fit and function, optimise manufacturability and drive down costs.

‘In addition, we offer full tool design and build, perform all types of secondary operations and provide all finishes,’ he added.

Techmire, a Montreal-based company, specialises in machines for precision zinc components.

Fielding Manufacturing

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