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The Oilmiser Fillordrain standardises fluid-handling procedures at the beginning of the contamination cycle.

It closes the loop on airborne contamination from the drum to the reservoir or from the reservoir to the drum.

It features a cast-aluminium body and comes in two basic designs.

The tank-mounted version has a bottom flange, with the conventional filler/breather (six-hole, 2.88in [73.15mm] bolt circle) mounting pattern.

The drum-mounted version has a 2in NPT male pipe thread and mounts directly into the 2in pipe bung on a standard oil drum.

The cast body has two separate internal cavities.

One cavity, with a 1in NPT, 90deg pipe port, is the oil passage.

The vertical cavity is the air passage.

A five-micron replaceable air filter prevents unfiltered air from entering the reservoir or drum whenever internal fluid-levels change.

A 1in pipe cut to the proper length and threaded into the bottom port of the cast body extends to the bottom of the reservoir or drum.

This feature makes the Oilmiser Fillordrain unique in the fluid-handling industry.

The Oilmiser Fillordrain can be ordered with an external sampling port, connected to a length of plastic sample tube that extends into the reservoir or oil drum.

By using the external sampling port on the Oilmiser Fillordrain, an oil sample can be safely drawn under operating conditions, at regularly scheduled intervals.

This eliminates many of the problems that can challenge the confidence level of the oil sample and final analysis.

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