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Hexis has launched an antimicrobial PVC film capable of inhibiting the growth of microbes, such as baceria, to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HCAI), which kill 100,000 in the US each year.

Protected under WIPO Patent WO/2008/099111, the Hexis Health PVC Film is made up of a cast 1.2mil-PVC carrying the antimicrobial agent and comes supplied in rolls up to 54in wide.

It inhibits growth of a wide range of microbes, including Staphylococcus aureus and the MRSA, Escherichia coli and Providencia stuartii, at more than 90 per cent in accordance with tests carried out under ISO 22196 (measurement of antibacterial activity on plastic surfaces).

It can easily be applied and removed on a large variety of existing surfaces, normally without any structural modifications.

It effectively controls spread of microbes all day long without need for maintenance or cleaning with aggressive substances.

The properties of the antimicrobial agent in Hexis health film guarantees its protective function will never wear off over the whole life span of the film, providing continuous protection.

The film is self-adhesive and can be applied in any hygienically sensitive area such as healthcare and educational establishments, food processing, pharmaceutical and biological laboratories, and all places with open-access areas such as public transport, leisure and sports facilities, restaurants, retirement homes and more.

The film is easy to use and can be installed both on flat and curved surfaces of doors, walls, items of furniture and appliances.

As the antimicrobial properties are effective independently of the type of equipment, the installation of the film does not require qualified staff and can be carried out without special training or unusual tools.

The antimicrobial properties resist tear and wear and are maintained over the full life cycle of the product.

Thus the product does not need any particular maintenance or reactivation and can be cleaned and disinfected throughout its life.

As it is applied to the substrate in one piece, it can easily be removed when required.

The film is completely transparent; hence any colour scheme, pattern or marking on the substrate will remain perfectly visible.

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