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Schaffner has expanded its IEC inlet filters to include two versatile models that offer up to 10 dB better attenuation than other versions in the series.

The FN9244 and FN9244E, with an integrated choke for additional EMI suppression on the earth line, offer a current rating up to 15A with an inductance up to 59.5 mH.

The filters are ideal for noise-intensive portable devices in highly regulated environments including consumer electronics, household appliances and single-phase or switch mode power supplies as well as in test, measurement, data processing, in vitro diagnostic and medical equipment.

With an integrated filter and IEC inlet, the standard, single-stage FN9244 and FN9244E reduce the number of system components saving costs and design space, as well as time when seeking EMI approval ratings and when replacing system components.

Currently, the filters are UL-, CSA- and ENEC-approved.

The inlet is also CCC-approved for all filter types.

The new RoHS-compliant filters offer the same mounting options as the other FN series models: flange mounting, wide flange mounting and snap-in horizontal or vertical.

Snap-in versions can accommodate panel thicknesses from 0.7mm to 1.5mm panels and a -20 version for 1.5mm to 2.2mm panels.

Alternative versions of the filters, such as the safety (A-type) or medical (B-type) versions as well as hot inlet (HI-type) versions, are available upon request.

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