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To its Hypulse Hyline filter product range, Mott has added the 7710 Series Filters, designed to accommodate lower-pressure liquid and gas filtration applications at a value price point.

Porous metal elements for this model are 10in long, 316-litre stainless-steel cartridges in either a double open-ended or 1in NPT connection configuration.

The 316 stainless steel housing comes standard with a Buna N housing seal to provide strength and dependability.

Other seals and O rings are available to support applications requiring higher temperature or corrosion resistance.

The 7710 Series Filters are designed for maximum operating pressures of 300psi (housing) and include a 1/4in NPT housing drain, 1/4in NPT gauge ports and 1in FNPT line connections.

Outside-In filter area is 0.54 ft2.

Each porous metal filter element is 100 per cent leak tested to bubble point.

Applications for this filter include liquid, steam, air and gases process filtration, sampling filtration, polishing filtration and pilot or test filtration, such as feasibility, filterability, efficiency, backwash capability, cake characterisation and pre-coat performance.

Mott has been providing engineered solutions through the use of porous metal for filtration applications since 1959.

The company claims applications and processes are enhanced through the use of porous metal, because it is cleanable, durable and has uniform porosity.

The unique nature of the porous structures, coupled with the characteristics of metal alloys such as high strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance, make Mott materials suitable for extreme applications.

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