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Filton Process Control offers a range of insertion turbine flowmeters for applications where installation and removal from the pipeline without interruption to flow is important.

Series 5000 flowmeters are simple to install and remove and are particularly suitable for large pipelines, where the cost of inline meters can be prohibitive.

These low-cost flowmeters can be installed and removed through a suitable valve while the flow line continues to remain under pressure.

The principle of operation is as fluid flows through the turbine assembly it causes the blades of a freely supported rotor to turn at a speed directly proportional to the flow velocity.

A pick-up assembly fitted into the insertion stem immediately above the rotor detects the passage of each blade tip and generates a sine wave output, the frequency of which is proportional to the turbine rotor speed and hence velocity and thereby flow rate.

This signal may then be used in conjunction with local or remote signal conditioning electronics, a comprehensive range of which is also available.

The flowmeters can be fitted with different, interchangeable rotor assemblies and are available with a wide range of electronic signal conditioning and readout instruments.

Readout equipment can be locally mounted, or remotely when a pre-amplifier is used, and distances up to 3,000m can be accommodated.

When used in conjunction with a ball valve, the metering head retracts fully into the housing so they can be removed without interrupting fluid flow.

Series 5000 flowmeters are suitable for pipeline diameters from 4in upwards and meet most installation requirements for oil, gas and general industrial flow-metering operations.

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