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The Fine Cutting system with integrated camera monitoring from Precitec can be used for high-precision applications that require laser performances of up to 500W.

Clearance widths of approximately 10um can be achieved with a high quality beam.

The Fine Cutting system has adjustable coaxial LED lighting with external power input, providing optimal illumination even during operation.

It also has an optimised monitoring system for online monitoring by camera.

Documentation is also possible; camera data can be recorded and saved on a data storage medium.

The TCP can be readjusted in the X/Y direction (repeatable operation) after an optics change and can thus be retained.

The time required for readjustment after a nozzle, lens or protective window change can be significantly shortened by fading-in electronic cross-hairs.

Even the actual design of the system has been minimised, reducing its weight.

The system can be operated with disk, fibre optic and Nd:YAG lasers.

It can also be used for cutting stents.

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