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Fine Line Stencil has announced Electrolaser electroformed laser cut stencils.

Electrolaser stencils are a hybrid technology that offers the precision of laser cut apertures and the enhanced paste release properties of 100 per cent electroformed nickel.

Electrolaser stencil print studies verify that the base material of almost pure electroformed nickel resulted in significant improvements to the aperture wall smoothness.

The print studies also confirm enhanced printed deposits similar to electroformed stencils.

Electrolaser stencils offer the natural lubricity of electroformed nickel, which the company said improves fine-pitch print consistency and results in increased manufacturing yields.

Apertures have very smooth walls, combined with trapezoidal formation, to offer best paste release characteristics.

Electrolaser nickel stencils also offer a durable surface hardness.

The stencils have a thickness tolerance of +/-8 per cent of material thickness selected, and are suitable for applications with surface area ratios down to 0.55.

The stencils feature a positional accuracy of +/-0.008 per cent and an aperture dimensional tolerance of +/-8um (0.0003in).

The following standard material thicknesses are available: 0.003, 0.004, 0.005 and 0.006in.

Additional thicknesses are available upon request.

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