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Fine Line Stencil has announced the availability of LPKF Laser Technology/SMT Stencil Laser Technology.

Fine Line Stencil has invested exclusively in LPKF stencil laser systems.

The reliability, accuracy and quality combine to make superior systems for manufacturing SMT Stencils, said Fine Line.

The beam on Fine Line Stencil’s laser deflection allows the cutting of circular pads with a diameter of 30 to 800um, which can be produced with a roundness of almost 100 per cent.

The cutting of any sharp contoured pad geometries with maximum precision is possible.

The LPKF Multicut is the latest development among LPKF stencil laser systems.

It is designed to supply the best possible metal stencil cutting quality and performance, focusing on dense patterns, tight tolerances and low surface area ratios.

Thin stencils with very dense aperture patterns often show warping (or coining) when cut with standard laser cutting systems.

This warping is caused by the heat-affected zone around the laser beam relieving stress in the stencil material.

This effect is more severe as the percentage of the material between apertures becomes less.

The Multicut uses the laser technology that is eliminating the part of the laser pulse that is below the cutting energy, resulting in a reduced heat affected zone and perfectly flat stencils.

The improved laser source also results in a smaller beam diameter, allowing minimum apertures of 40um diameter.

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