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Fine Line Stencil has announced its Slic Blade line of squeegee blades.

The Slic Blade process uses electroformed nickel to form a hard, very smooth surface with extremely low surface energy (high lubricity).

The Slic Blade surface is very smooth and slick, virtually eliminating any solder paste sticking to the blade.

The smooth surface reduces solder paste shearing against the blade surface, eliminating viscosity breakdown and rheology changes in the solder paste.

Squeegee blade sharpness and angle of attack are significant factors that influence the printing speed of solder paste.

The duller the squeegee blade, the more pressure required to thoroughly wipe the stencil, slowing printing speed.

The Slic Blade is solid nickel and will not chip or flake.

This allows the Slic Blade to be re-sharpened when it becomes dull, significantly lowering cost of ownership.

Additionally, annual maintenance contracts for periodic sharpening are available to further enhance customer retention.

The Slic Blade has a sharp, precision-ground edge and provides the wiping pressure required to obtain a perfectly printed solder paste brick.

The lower printing pressure extends the life of the stencil and the blade.

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