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Coilboss retractile cords from Northwire have improved safety and efficiency for the Osceola Fire Department in Wisconsin.

Each of the six vehicles in the department’s fleet is outfitted with a Coilboss retractile power cord, which is mounted to the ceiling and plugs into the vehicle when parked in the fire station.

With an extended length of 15ft (4.6m), it ensures that the vehicle remains fully charged.

When a vehicle’s engine starts, the automatic ejection device detaches the coil cord, which retracts safely upwards 3ft and away from nearby vehicles.

Don Stark, fire chief at the Osceola Fire Department, said: ‘Previously, when we used non-retractile, non-ejecting power cords, department personnel would sometimes forget to unplug cords and would run over them or drag them behind the trucks, damaging the cords – or cords would be unplugged quickly and, because they didn’t retract, they’d swing around and hit other vehicles, causing damage.

‘We no longer have to worry about swinging cords, vehicle damage or cords dangling on the floor when cleaning the fire hall.

‘Coilboss retractile cords have made our operation safer, more efficient and tidier,’ he added.

Northwire’s design engineers provided the Osceola Fire Department with free application design analysis and prototype services and developed an appropriate solution.

The custom Coilboss retractile cords are 10-12ft in length and feature a proprietary design that provides exacting performance and retractability.

A custom jacket colour to match the fire department’s vehicles and private labelling complete the design.

Coilboss retractile cords improve wiring life spans by controlling motion and distributing flex in manual and automatic equipment for many markets, including industrial, life sciences and government, for applications in handling equipment, communication devices, surgical settings, robotics and architectural lighting.

The retractile cords are engineered to perform in severe mechanical conditions and extreme environments.

They are rated for outdoor use and feature a tough thermoplastic alloy jacket material – rated up to +105C and flexible to -50C.

Coilboss is resistant to cuts, abrasion, chemicals, oils, detergents, solvents, ultraviolet and water.

The cords are available in retracted/extended lengths ranging from 1ft retracted/5ft extended to 10ft retracted/50ft extended in AWG from six to 32, with conductors and composite options for power and electronic control applications.

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