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Technomad LLC has introduced the Firefly Micro PA Unit, a portable, weatherproof, self-casing, all-in-one PA system for the military.

The Firefly meets the requirements of a man-pack PA system while offering audio quality, high power output, quick setup and ruggedness.

Technomad’s Military PA Systems offer long-range audio output for fixed and mobile military/Giant Voice applications, including mass notification, force protection, combat simulation and training, and ceremonies and events.

The Firefly has the same audio quality and durability for smaller-range applications where portable, backpack-carried audio can benefit tactical military operations in the field.

Applications include Special Forces and PSYOPS missions.

At 25lb, the Firefly is useful for mobile vehicle-mounted applications and fixed, building-mounted PA systems for training and events.

The standard package features an internal four-channel mixer and battery, a wireless microphone and modular expansion slots for audio sources, including mp3 players, CD players and the Technomad Superconductor military player module.

An optional network interface allows operators to stream audio to other PA systems or receive audio over a network via a wireless, Ethernet LAN or analog twisted-pair connection.

For tactical operations, the addition of the Technomad Superconductor military player module, an operator can schedule a sequence of sounds at a specific time, hide the unit and move to a safe location.

The combined force of the Firefly and Superconductor can automatically play back messages, weapon simulations and sound effects at the target.

The loudspeaker features an anti-resonant horn design for minimal distortion and smoother audio response.

Firefly offers a fully-sealed design when in ‘case mode.

Military personnel on the move can completely immerse the Firefly in water when its lid and hatch is closed.

The unit also floats when in case-mode.

The back controls and screens are visible through the clear back hatch, and once opened in a safer environment the operator can make adjustments of the weather-resistant rear controls.

The Firefly’s quick setup time and ease of use makes it suitable for firing-line training, A/V event support, ceremonial use, or other around-the-base audio applications.

Setup time from case-mode to operating is 30sec.

The Firefly can operate from external AC power and external DC power (vehicles) in addition to its standard internal battery power.

Add-on battery pods extend battery life and other high-performance options are available as special orders.

The unit comes in standard black and is available by special order in desert sand, olive drab, forest green, grey and white.


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