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Fire Fighting Enterprises has developed technology that allows multiple Fireray 5000 optical beam smoke-detector heads to operate from a single control unit.

The Fireray 5000 Multi Head has up to four beam transceivers connected to – and managed by – one low-level system controller.

This saves money on time, power, installation, wiring and maintenance.

Multiple detector heads mean that one system can detect smoke over an even larger area and the heads can be positioned to cover unorthodox indoor spaces.

The Fireray 5000 is already at the forefront of optical beam-detection technology, with a motorised auto-aligning beam and automatic gain-compensation features.

During installation, the beam head will automatically adjust its aim to point directly at the reflective prism plate, with a visible laser aiding initial setup.

Over time, the features will ensure that the beam stays on target and that it retains the correct signal sensitivity – counteracting the effects of building shift and the build-up of dust and dirt.

Each detector head can be independently configured from the single-system controller to operate at a distance from 8 to 100m, with the capability for separate alarm-threshold conditions (sensitivity and time) for each one.

The controller then has one common set of fire and fault relays that apply to all attached heads for simplicity when communicating with a fire panel.

The Multi Head Fireray 5000 has already gained worldwide approvals, including LPCB, CPD and UL.

A comprehensive datasheet for the product, as well as the full list of worldwide approvals and certificates, can be found on the Fire Fighting Enterprises website.

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