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The IPO has granted Tuffa UK a full patent for the Firestop range of storage tanks, under UK Patent GB2415460B.

This storage tank protects against fires and complies with building regulations.

It removes the need to build firewalls or relocate the tank, thus saving time and money for the installer on site.

Firestop is easy to fit.

It is ideal for properties with limited space where it would be difficult to position an ordinary tank to comply with building regulations.

It is the ideal tank for fitting inside a building (there is no need to build a fire-proof chamber).

The 1350SLB Fuel Station is supplied with: 60lpm submersible pump; 4m of delivery hose and automatic shut-off nozzle; digital flowmeter; 10-micron filtration; electronic contents gauge; and 2in fill point.

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