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Fischer Connectors and Draka Communications have worked in close partnership to develop an integrated leading-edge solution for HD Triax cameras.

Triax is a technology that connects HD video cameras and related equipment in the professional broadcast industry.

With its 1051 Triax, Fischer Connectors has provided a solution for both studio and outside broadcasting.

This connector is used for SD and HD cameras.

The result of this partnership is the new Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution, which has a minimum 30 per cent longer transmission distance.

This integrated cable and connector solution is designed for indoor and outdoor applications, and shows results at a 1,100m transmission distance using an LDK8000 camera.

The cable offers the transmission distance performance of a Triax 14 cable with the user friendliness of a Triax 11 cable.

It is lightweight, highly flexible, and easy to wind and store.

With the Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution, users can maximise the performance of their Triax equipment without the additional initial investment in fibre and subsequent operating costs.

The Triax 11 HD Pro+ camera cable is optimised for broadcast applications under extreme conditions.

It connects camera and CCU, and offers an optimum transmission quality based on low attenuation, lowest DC resistance (even long distance), a long life span and a minimal weight.

The cable is designed with a universal jacket that is flame retardant and corrosion-free, and suitable for in-house and outdoor applications.

The 1051 Triax HD Pro+ connector offers improved RF performance, as well as fast and easy cable assembly.

Its high-strength tolerance, rugged and waterproof design assures reliable transmission between camera and control unit in studios or broadcast vehicles, where long cable lengths are used under extreme weather conditions.

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors are manufacturers of high quality electrical and fibre optic push-pull connectors and cable harnesses.The product range is vast and constantly being evolved; from miniature coaxial to large multi-pin with the additional fibre optic and hybrid options.

Offering high EMC integrity, IP68 sealing and very long life span, these products are ideal for the rigours of Defence and Security; from C4I systems through to Aerospace.

Recent product developments are focused on the quest for miniaturisation and weight saving for Infantry, covert and border security operations

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