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Pinnacle, a provider of energy solutions to the oil-and-gas industry, has selected Fischer Connectors to supply rugged connectors and a cable assembly for its geo data gathering equipment.

Fischer connectors are able to withstand vibrations, explosions, sand storms, torrential rains, deep-freeze temperatures, crash tests, melting processes and ocean depths of 100m.

Ralf Krug, development engineer for Pinnacle, said: ‘Fischer’s durable connectors and rugged cable assembly are difficult to damage and excel in the extreme environments typical of fracture and reservoir diagnostic and monitoring work.

‘In the past, we specified military-style connectors, but our new products required something smaller with more pull strength, a specific number of pins, a failsafe mechanical lock and a rugged construction,’ he added.

Daniel Spycher, international sales director for Fischer Connectors, said: ‘What’s interesting about Pinnacle’s application is that the tiltmeters equipped with Fischer connectors allow the scientist to observe the underground movement of fluids several 1,000m beneath the earth’s surface.

‘For this application, Fischer’s interconnectivity solution included a cable assembly that mates with a Fischer DEE 105 receptacle, while the other end of the cable assembly plugs into a controller device,’ he added.

Fischer’s connectors are claimed to offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Connector products are 360deg EMC shielded and sealed up to IP68 – or even hermetic.

Suitable for frequent connect and disconnect operations, the plugs and receptacles are engineered to endure more than 10,000 mating cycles within a temperature range of -50C to +150C.

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors are manufacturers of high quality electrical and fibre optic push-pull connectors and cable harnesses.The product range is vast and constantly being evolved; from miniature coaxial to large multi-pin with the additional fibre optic and hybrid options.

Offering high EMC integrity, IP68 sealing and very long life span, these products are ideal for the rigours of Defence and Security; from C4I systems through to Aerospace.

Recent product developments are focused on the quest for miniaturisation and weight saving for Infantry, covert and border security operations

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