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Hermle’s new five-axis machining centre, which is capable of turning components in the same clamping, is available in the UK from Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools, the sole agent for the German company.

Called the C 50 U MT Dynamic, the machine enables turning operations; a workpiece weighing up to one tonne is rotated at up to 500rev/min on the integral table (C axis), which is mounted on a +30/-115deg swivelling trunnion (A axis).

The table has a 1,000mm-diameter clamping surface and sits within a 1,000 x 1,100 x 700mm working envelope.

Taper options for the main spindle are HSK-T sizes 63 and 100, providing rigidity for static tooling during turning operations.

These may be performed not only when the table is horizontal or vertical, but also at any intermediate angle, allowing short tool holders to be used and opening up a range of machining options.

The MT version is a derivation of the Hermle C 50 U machining centre and offers an identical five-axis prismatic metal-cutting functionality.

Technological and safety requirements that apply to lathes have been taken into account and relevant safety standards – EN 12417 and EN 12478 – have been adhered to.

Even the upper part of the machine enclosure and roof were considered when designing the guarding.

Another safety feature is tool measuring and breakage monitoring.

Milling tools are scanned by laser and turning tools are measured from two sides by 3D touch probes.

The construction of the C 50 U lends itself to the addition of high-precision turning, according to the company.

A modified gantry positions all guideways above the working area.

The Y axis has a tandem drive for high machine dynamics and features a patented arrangement of three staggered guideways, one midway between and set back from the outer two, halving the Y-axis span.

The production potential is said to be high, owing to the 6m/s2 acceleration to traverse rates of 60m/min in the X and Y axis and 55m/min in the Z axis.

Bearings for the A axis are set directly into the cast-iron bed, promoting stable, vibration-free machining, particularly as the trunnion is driven from both sides by motors positioned on the axis centreline.

The table, with an integral balancing system, is driven by a high torque motor optimised for comparatively high speeds, making it possible to perform combinations of roughing and light finishing operations.

Compared with similar machines, the C 50 U MT is claimed to have a larger maximum collision contour, which means that a larger workpiece can be machined in one hit, without having to waste time and lose accuracy by repositioning and re-clamping it.

Hermle has developed a modular, 42-position tool magazine that can be added to supplement the internal magazine of a similar capacity.

It enables a sufficient number of cutters to be deployed for complex jobs and/or where long machining cycles require the use of sister tools.

Designed as a compact rack, the extra magazine is installed behind the machining centre.

The operator has unrestricted access at ground level, facilitating loading and removal.

Tools may be up to 250mm in diameter, 430mm in length and 30kg in weight.

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