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Matsuura has launched a large five-axis machine that can process difficult-to-cut materials such as titan alloy or inconel alloy, which are used within the aerospace sector.

The MAM72-100H has the capacity to process billets and components measuring up to 1,000mm in diameter and 770mm in height and weighing up to 780kg.

The machine has been developed with a horizontally aligned spindle and is said to function best with multiple flexible setups.

It can process a variety of materials in a range of industries and provides unmanned operation.

Process integration and high-precision complex one-hit operation are available as standard.

Designed utilising FEM analysis for maximum rigidity, the MAM72-100H offers a stable machining platform.

The machine is equipped with a high-torque spindle (451Nm as standard or 700Nm as an option).

The A-/B-axis table with a direct drive motor turns at a maximum feed rate of 50min-1 (A-axis: tilting axis) or 75min-1 (B-axis: rotating axis), ensuring high speed and high precision at the same time.

The automatic tool changer is equipped with a drum-type tool magazine driven by a servomotor to provide a short tool indexing time, low noise and low vibration.

Abundant ATC/APC options for expansion are available upon request to enable increased production potential via extended unmanned operation according to the customer’s future requirements.

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