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A five-axis FPT Dino machining centre programmed with Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system is allowing Aarestrup Vaerktoejs- og Maskinfabrik (AA-VM) to machine large parts with a very complex geometry both quickly and accurately. The company was previously only able to do three- and four-axis machining.

PowerMILL CAM system
An FPT Dino machining centre programmed with Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system allows AA-VM to produce large parts with complex geometry

AA-VM develops, manufactures and optimises tools for punching and forming, and moulds for injection moulding and blow moulding. In addition, the company develops and manufactures spare parts, specialised parts in small numbers and prototypes, as well as special machines developed in close collaboration with its customers. The company’s CNC machinery includes six milling machines and one lathe, as well as two-wire EDM and two sinker-EDM machines.

AA-VM invested in the five-axis machine combined with PowerMILL because a number of its customers in the food industry need large and highly complex new parts and replacement parts made to a very high quality.

The machine can process parts with a length, width and height of up to 3,000 x 1,600 x 800mm. It uses five-axis simultaneous machining, which allows for faster processing of complex geometry at extremely high precision.

With the introduction of the new machine, it became necessary for AA-VM to upgrade its existing CAM software as it could not handle the complex parts required by a number of customers or take advantage of the new machine’s capabilities. Delcam’s PowerMILL emerged as the best solution.

It has taken AA-VM some time to become familiar with all the advanced possibilities offered by the FPT machining centre, but, after less than a year, it is running five to six days a week for the production of newly developed parts. It has proved particularly beneficial for large moulds where the use of five-axis machining has cut the number of machine set-ups in half, reducing the overall machining time considerably.

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Key application benefits

  • AA-VM chief executive officer Kenneth Andersen said he is really happy with the PowerMILL software, adding: ‘We particularly like having Delcam Denmark available to provide professional support and service locally — we are very pleased with that relationship.
  • He said that another big advantage is that, if it becomes necessary, the local Delcam office can provide AA-VM with access to the experts at Delcam’s headquarters.
  • Bjørn Krogh, head of the machining department at AA-VM, said: ‘PowerMILL is very sophisticated software that can handle virtually any task we can imagine. Our three CAM operators are now learning how to use templates and macros in PowerMILL to further optimise the programming process for our toolpaths.’
  • The vast majority of the new parts designs are received from customers as 3D files generated in their different CAD systems. Krogh said: ‘It is a major advantage for us that, in most cases, we are able to manufacture using the customers’ 3D files directly without further need for editing. In a few cases it has been necessary to use Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software to generate extra geometry such as clamping surfaces.’

Delcam supplies software and services that help manufacturing companies to maximise their profitability by increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing lead times. The company is the world's largest specialist supplier of computer-aided machining software, with its PowerMILL, FeatureCAM, Partmaker and ArtCAM programs making up the most comprehensive range of CAM systems from any developer.

This broad selection allows Delcam to offer a CAM system capable of machining virtually any product, in any material on any type of equipment. Delcam also develops product design, tooling design and quality control programs. The unique Tribrid Modelling approach to design incorporates solid modelling, surface modelling and triangle modelling in a single program, enabling complete design and reverse engineering projects to be undertaken without transferring data between software.

Delcam's Powerinspect offers fast, reliable comparison of parts, prototypes and tooling against CAD data on all types of inspection equipment and even on machine tools. This versatility has made it the world's leading hardware-independent inspection software. Related programs are available for checking machine tool set-up and part location. Delcam software is used in over 80 countries worldwide by around 40,000 organisations, from large multi-nationals to small sub-contractors, in industries including aerospace, automotive, dental, engineering, footwear, medical and toolmaking.

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