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Fleetmatics has announced the latest release of its GPS software solution for tracking and performance management of mobile assets – the Fleetmatics 8.0 GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

With the At-a-Glance Mobile App, a more powerful mobile delivery platform now offers a portable, full-featured version of the GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

It provides real-time access to vehicle locations, alerts, reports and dashboards anytime and anywhere, using a native Android application.

This new mobile feature allows users to run their fleet smoothly right from their smartphones, whether they are in the office or out in the field.

The combination of Google Street View and Google Maps API Premier enables both high-level and street-level area map views and capabilities.

Google Maps API Premier provides access to instant 24/7 vehicle location tracking and location monitoring.

Satellite views and in-depth reporting capabilities can be tapped to provide current traffic information for faster routing and avoidance of traffic jams and other delays.

Google Street View’s zoom-in capability empowers Fleetmatics 8.0’s Ride-Along capability, allowing dispatchers and management to ‘ride shotgun’ with every vehicle in the fleet.

Users can access instant replay of routes followed to help spot exceptions and variances quickly and easily.

The applications work together to streamline route planning and execution, increase driver efficiency and enhance customer responsiveness.

Fleetmatics advances Garmin integration so drivers can get audible turn-by-turn routing directions to any customer location.

Dispatchers can now quickly and easily communicate new service call orders to drivers and to broadcast urgent messages to all technicians in just a few clicks.

This streamlines efficiency and productivity by eliminating time-consuming use of mobile phones or radios that disrupt the flow of business.

Fleetmatics 8.0 delivers numerous enhancements to its reporting engine that can provide users with visibility into their own vehicle and fleet performance, and provide guidance for improvements based on relevant points of comparison – both within each individual company and from within the larger community.

The software does this by capturing and storing vehicle performance metrics from its entire user base to provide information about long-term performance trends and industry best practices that can benefit all Fleetmatics users.

The dashboard provides at-a-glance access to key performance metrics, which enables users to track both current and historical performance, by individual vehicle, groups of vehicles, or the entire fleet.

Using long-term trend analysis powered by Panoramic Reporting, the Dashboard Trends gives customers a high level of visibility and context.

With Fleetmatics, the application can be customised to fit each user’s business model, fleet size and management challenges and objectives.

The result is a personalised GPS Vehicle Tracking system that ‘understands’ the business, intelligently adjusts to user-defined policies and procedures, and offers company-specific opportunities for improvements, based on past performance and best practices.

All of this can be accomplished by users themselves, by answering a few simple questions and creating personalised benchmarks for the Dashboard and Panoramic Reporting applications.

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