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Fleetmatics has released its Field Service Manager software in the UK.

Field Service Manager gives businesses in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and other service-engineering sectors a solution that allows service departments to better manage field-based engineers by automating service-call management, job dispatch, signature capture and invoicing through one easy-to-use integrated system.

According to industry analyst Gartner, the percentage of technicians with wireless access to formal packaged field-service management solutions will increase from 12 to 40 per cent over the next two years.

Field Service Manager allows field-service departments to increase visibility and productivity, reduce overheads, ensure faster receipt of payment and increase customer satisfaction by enabling engineers to complete multiple (and often complex) forms relating to a specific job on a smartphone, PDA or other mobile device.

Field Service Manager uses the GPRS network and allows multiple job forms to sit on the device itself, which means that even when an engineer is out of network range they can continue to complete the form and send it back to their service department once they are back online.

Derek Bryan, sales director at Fleetmatics, said: ‘Our product allows engineers to get on with the job and complete the necessary forms regardless of whether they are online or not.

‘This is critical for companies where service engineers are down in basements, in lift shafts or where network coverage is patchy – it means job processing does not stop even when the mobile network is down,’ he added.

Field Service Manager sits as a software application on any hand-held mobile device that runs on Windows Mobile 6 or Google Android.

It operates by connecting to the service department’s back-office system via GPRS.

This back-office system appears as a dashboard to the service department and is accessible through a web portal.

From the dashboard, customer jobs are logged and issued to the engineers.

Once received and completed, the engineer then completes the relevant forms about the job via their mobile device and sends the information back to the service department so that it can be invoiced straight after the job has been completed.

Field Service Manager is designed and sold using cloud (on-demand) computing.

Customers pay a monthly subscription and the service is completely flexible, putting the customer in control.

This software as a service (SaaS) model now makes software solutions available to businesses of all sizes.

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