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Flexicon has helped a team of young engineers to develop a hybrid propulsion system for its Formula Student racing car by providing a flexible conduit system to protect the cabling.

Using an 18kW electric three-phase motor and a 250cc gasoline engine working in parallel, protection of the cabling was vital to ensure reliability.

Flexicon supplied its liquid-tight LPCO range of PVC-reinforced, smooth, flexible conduit with compression fittings.

The non-metallic system helped to reduce weight while providing a complete ingress protection rating of IP67, a smooth wipe-clean surface and an operating temperature of between -5C and +700C.

The system also had to be suitable for 400V and 600V systems.

The electric motor is powered by a 3.5kWh battery (composed of lithium-ion cells) that delivers several hundred amps during acceleration.

The car features regenerative braking, plug-in charging, an automatic gearshift and clutch and a CAN-based information system.

Chris Poulton, Flexicon’s export manager, said: ‘Protection of cabling is vital in any automotive application, but even more so when the vehicle relies on electrical power for its propulsion.

‘Whether racing in wet or dry conditions, the electrical systems must be protected from water dust and any debris from the track,’ added Poulton.

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