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Flexicon has introduced what it claims is the most liquid-tight conduit system in the UK, by enhancing its range of compression fittings.

The system has an IP rating of IP69k, meaning it can be steam cleaned by a high-pressure, high-temperature jet wash.

It is suitable for equipment that needs regular intensive cleaning such as in food processing.

The compression fittings are suitable for the company’s LTP galvanised-steel plastic-coated liquid-tight range and also for its LPC smooth spiral reinforced PVC system.

They include a multipart compression fitting with a nylon seal, which can also be used for knockout or threaded entries as it rotates until tightened.

Also available are compression fittings that swivel about the main body even after tightening and a multipart compression coupler that includes seals for joining two conduits.

These fittings can be used with conduit sizes ranging from 10 to 63mm and are available with metric, PG and NPT thread variants.

The LTP conduit range has a smooth, wipe-clean outer cover and is resistant to oils and greases and UV light for external applications.

For applications requiring a wide temperature range, the LTPHC variant can be used for temperatures between -45C to +135C.

The LPC spiral-reinforced PVC range is a non-metallic alternative and can accept some torsional movement.

Colour-coded versions provide oil resistance (green), high flexibility (orange) or protection against wider temperature ranges of between -5C and +90C (blue).

The range is a lighter weight than metallic versions and is faster to install, particularly when cutting to length.

The range can also be used with non-metallic or stainless-steel fittings, making it ideal for the food-processing industry.

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