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Flexim and JWF have introduced the Fluxus F608 and G608 portable gas and liquid flowmeters, which are designed for use in hazardous areas such as those found in the upstream and downstream sectors.

The Atex-certified flowmeters — based on the versatile F601 and G601 devices — offer high impact protection as well as resistance against oil, water and many other liquids. They are claimed to operate over a wide dynamic measurement range and are not prone to temperature or zero drift.

The F608 and G608 share the same efficient battery management as the F601 and G601 and can be fully set up in less than five minutes.

The flowmeters can be used in pipes with inner diameters ranging from 10mm to 6,500mm and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +200°C.

Key features

  • Carbon-fibre housing
  • Rugged transducer design
  • Two flow channels
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Automatic transducer recognition
  • Bidirectional measurement

Flexim Instruments UK

Non-intrusive ultrasonic liquid and gas flow metering

As a technology leader in the field of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement, FLEXIM offers you ideal flow-metering solutions that can be installed without process interruptions. FLEXIM non-invasive flow solutions create zero leakage risk and no pipework modifications, are subject to no wear and tear and no clogging and are virtually maintenance free — even for the most demanding processes.

Whether you are dealing with liquids or gases, extreme temperatures, high pressures or highly variable flow rates independent of wall thickness, our range of Fluxus flowmeters are the measurement system of choice.

Highly accurate, reliable and rugged, FLEXIM’s ultrasonic flowmeters easily withstand the roughest and most hazardous applications — ranging from those found in the chemical industry to those in the oil and gas sector, where a choice of Atex-approved Fluxus meters are capable of providing outstanding performance. If your application is for safety-critical applications in the nuclear industry, then rest easy in the knowledge that our meters have been fully audited by the industry.

With more than 22 years of engineering experience, FLEXIM also offers you solutions for real-time concentration analysis with laboratory accuracy. Depending on the individual application, Piox analyses the process by ultrasound or optically by measuring the refractive index. Highly accurate, non-invasive concentration analysis and the mass flow measurement of acids without a single invasive element in the flow stream.

Every generation of FLEXIM's product is directly driven by customer and industry needs and our focus and dedication is directed towards providing the highest-quality measurement. FLEXIM’s focus is on continual investment in R&D and the best client advice support and service possible.

Today, FLEXIM employs more than 280 people and its Berlin headquarters are increasingly active, supporting a global stage with subsidiaries in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Austria, the US, Singapore, China and South America.

The FLEXIM commitment to customer service

FLEXIM considers itself not only a manufacturer of measurement instruments, but also a provider of technical and consulting services. These services include on-site surveys (including fire pump performance surveys), laboratory analysis, project handling, training, commissioning, instrument rentals and consulting services.

The company's focus and dedication is directed towards providing the highest-quality equipment with the best support and service possible.

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