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Flexlink has launched the X45 and X45e conveyor platforms, which are claimed to be easy to integrate.

The X45 is a compact conveyor platform that integrates with machines and space-efficient filling, production and packaging lines.

According to the company, product handling is gentle and stable, contributing to high product quality standards and high line efficiency.

The X45 design offers a long service life, a low noise level and simple engineering.

Fredrik Boberg, head of innovation management at Flexlink, said: ‘The compact boundary dimensions and the ability to run in bends allow new opportunities to automate sophisticated flows in a simpler way than before.

‘The X45 conveyor runs very smoothly, which is crucial in transporting standing vials in the pharmaceutical industry,’ he added.

The X45e is an intelligent platform for automated processes such as assembly, controlled filling and samples analysis.

Sophisticated 24V drive units and puck-handling modules with embedded controls simplify controls engineering and enable high line efficiency.

Power consumption is low due to the efficient PM motor and transmission.

It is radio-frequency-identification prepared, facilitating track and trace and the automated QA capability.

Flexlink Systems

FlexLink has conveyor systems to handle, divert, rotate, push, or accumulate
your products in the manufacturing processes. With FlexLink, you gain
enhanced production efficiency from our conveyor systems, process expertise
and advanced software.

We offer –
conveyor systems in packaging, filling, machining or assembly processes
conveyor and pallet components
controls and MES software solutions
after sales service in more than 50 countries

We care about our customers –
As our customer you decide the way to do business with FlexLink: directly
with one of the FlexLink sales units or through a wide network of partners,
such as machine manufacturers, system integrators and authorised system

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