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Isuzu has selected and implemented Apriso’s Flexnet to manage production of its KD (knock down) parts at overseas factories.

The implementation is now live, after being put into operation over four months.

‘We needed to improve both business processes and IT systems to adapt faster to increased distribution challenges.

‘Apriso now plays a critical role in helping Isuzu to reduce time before shipping, decrease inventory and improve profits,’ said Kenichiro Yabuki, group leader at Isuzu.

Isuzu is using Apriso’s Flexnet, a manufacturing and logistics operations management system, to automatically obtain distribution status information of KD parts from existing systems.

Differences between planned and actual results are analysed and acted upon immediately, helping to improve operational efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

Apriso has improved Isuzu’s visibility to planned and actual KD parts distribution at each of its plants – from the shop floor to distribution.

Through this expanded visibility, Isuzu’s processes have been enhanced, resulting in greater overseas production efficiency and profits.

NSSOL, an Apriso partner, implemented the solution at Isuzu in less than four months.

Now the new system is fully operational, the distribution status of KD parts can be checked from a single terminal instead of three terminals with the old system.

By getting actual information in almost real-time, users can immediately see delivery delays and can take immediate action to remedy a situation.

‘We can improve the accuracy of vessel stow plans with detailed distribution information on when and where KD parts are arriving.

‘We can also develop more effective plans to bring standardisation and efficiency to our business processes by analysing the differences between planned and actual results,’ said Yasuyoshi Nishigaki from the system and business restructure promotion department at Isuzu.

Isuzu is now considering additional Apriso applications to manage arrival information at overseas factories.

Apriso’s Business Process Management (BPM) based systems can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of Isuzu’s existing shipping systems.

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