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3D3 Solutions has announced the launch of Flexscan3D 2.5, the latest version of its 3D scanning software.

Updated features in Flexscan3D 2.5 include a Split Scan mode, which captures more data by scanning two sides of an object simultaneously and automatically merges the coverage area for more complete results.

This mode is ideal for face and foot scanning.

Using the mesh alignment and merging tool, users can skip the process of importing scans into third-party 3D scan data processing software.

Flexscan3D 2.5 supports 360deg scanning with a rotary table (sold separately).

This automates the process of performing multiple scans of a single object and automatically aligns the scans to form a 360 model.

These upgrades to Flexscan3D help to produce higher quality scans than its predecessor, including higher accuracy single scanner calibration and advance colour scan support.

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