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Flextraction, a supplier and manufacturer of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) products, has added two further industrial vacuums to its range of Mistral single- and three-phase industrial vacuums.

These vacuums are designed for a range of cleaning applications, including the cleaning of electronic equipment, vehicle cleaning in car washes and workshops, the cleaning of ovens and other equipment used in the bakery and food industries and the general industrial cleaning of floors, equipment and facilities in factories and offices.

The Mistral 202 DS is a vacuum for collecting dust and solid material with an accumulation of static electricity, very fine dust and corrosive dust, while the Mistral 505 is a wet and dry vacuum.

The Mistral 202 DS features a 360m3/h maximum airflow and a 2,300mm H20 maximum vacuum provided by two single-phase, 230V 50-60Hz independently operated bypass motors in a noise-reducing plastic casing, producing just 74dB(A).

These motors are designed to convey the exhaust air downwards to reduce dust levels in the working area.

Other features include a high-surface cartridge with a 30,000cm2 filter surface and filtration efficiency of M CAT (BIA)/one micron, a manual filter shaker to help remove dust from the filter and a 60mm-diameter suction inlet with 50mm, 38mm and 32mm hose connectors below the filter, allowing dust and solid material vacuuming at the same time.

The Mistral 501 Wet and Dry features a 180m3/h maximum airflow and a 2,500mm H20 maximum vacuum provided by a single-phase 230V 50-60Hz carbon-brush-type bypass motor, while the suction inlet can be used with hoses ranging from 50mm to 32mm in diameter.

The dust-collecting kit is a bag-type polyester filter with a filtration efficiency of L CAT (BIA)/three microns.

The wet kit is a floating device to protect the motor from liquids, foams and other solid objects.

Discharge from the 50-litre container is by a flexible hose.

A comprehensive hose kit with the option to select from a range of cleaning nozzles, including static-mounted floor brushes and squeegees, is available for both vacuums, which are mounted on four-wheel chassis with two pivoting casters, one of which has a brake.

Both come with a two-year warranty.

Flextraction is the preferred supplier in the UK and Ireland for Italian industrial vacuum equipment manufacturer Delfin.


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