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Flintec and Noax Technologies have developed waterproof touch-screen computers for use in harsh and wet working environments.

Load cell and force measurement specialist Flintec was brought in to add weighing capabilities to Noax’s rugged industrial PCs.

The computers are designed to survive and function in extreme production environments where use of normal computers is impossible.

Typical applications are wet environments such as slaughterhouses, chemical or pharmaceutical plants where equipment needs to be washed down regularly during and after use.

Instead of keyboards, each PC uses watertight and durable touch-screen keypads to prevent water ingress during frequent and systematic wash downs.

The industrial weighing computers are housed in robust shockproof stainless steel or aluminium enclosures sealed to the IP67 and Nema 4 protection standards.

Flintec’s team played an integral design role in the project, developing the application-critical electronics and weighing software at the heart of the new machines.

Its technology has eliminated the need for weighing indicators – instead the PC takes on that role.

Normally, a weighing scale would be connected to a weighing indicator, which would then be connected to a PC.

The Flintec technology has enabled Noax to link the weighing scales directly to the PCs.

Flintec UK

World-leading producer and supplier of precision, high quality, weight and force measuring technologies, designed for use across all industrial applications where accurate weight or force measurement is required.

Established in 1968, Flintec has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of weight and force measurement technologies. In 2016, our manufacturing team produced over 1million load cells, 5million specialist strain gauges and over 100,000 custom measuring assemblies.

Quality and precision is central to everything we do. Our products are tested to the highest standards ensuring they will stand the test of time, whilst also remaining accurate. With offices and warehouses all over the world, Flintec can usually ship products quicker than our competitors, and even redeploy our manufacturing resources to meet large volume shipments that aren’t held in stock. Flintec customers also benefit from having a dedicated sales contact, who can liaise about orders and provide technical support where needed.

The Flintec range of force and weight measurement sensors can be partnered with a variety of electronics and hardware to suit most industry applications. For none standard applications, our global engineering resource is on hand to assist with the planning, design, integration and testing of customised solutions.

Our sensor range includes:

Single point load cells

Beam load cells

Canister/compression load cells

S shapes/tension load cells

Low profile planar beam load cells

Miniature force sensors

Load pins


Torque sensors

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