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Windfall Films has used a Flir Thermacam P620 high resolution thermal imaging camera to demonstrate the freezing conditions experienced by soldiers during the battle of Stalingrad.

The images produced by the camera will be used in the ‘Generals at War’ series for the National Geographic Channel.

For the scenes, filmed in the back of a refrigerated lorry, temperatures dropped to -20C, allowing the Thermacam to show the decrease in body heat of an actor wearing reproduction uniforms worn by German and Soviet soldiers.

Clare Lucas, production manager for Windfall Films, said: ‘The Thermacam helped us to vividly show the areas of heat loss, thus effectively illustrating the difference in suitability of the uniforms worn by soldiers on either side of the battle.

‘The instrument came fully calibrated from Ashtead Technology.’ The Flir Thermacam’s software allowed reports to be quickly created and integrated.

The Flir Thermacam, available from Ashtead Technology Rentals, is suitable for applications such as thermal research, predictive maintenance and heat-loss surveys.

Its features include thermal sensitivity of 0.06C, a high definition 640 x 480 infrared sensor, a high quality digital camera to integrate visual images and a 14cm LCD display.

It also features a temperature range of -40C to 500C with flexible viewing and storage options.

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