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Flotech Solutions has introduced the Bios Dry Cal calibrator range for precise measurement of gas flow in various applications.

The calibrator range uses a high-accuracy primary flow standard, with measurements traceable to NIST.

With a wide range of models, from field-portable units accurate to +/-0.75 per cent to laboratory units with a +/-0.15 per cent uncertainty, the systems are suitable for calibration checks on gas mass flow controllers and gas flowmeters such as Rotameters.

The unit offers a high-speed primary piston prover, using a near-frictionless graphite composite piston housed within a tubular glass flow-measuring cell of precisely quantified dimensions.

A bypass valve opens to receive gas flow and then closes to initiate a flow measurement.

When closed, the gas is diverted to the flow-measuring cell, entering beneath the piston.

As the gas enters the flow cell, the piston can only go up, rising at the rate of gas flow, sweeping out a known volume in a measured time.

Built using the latest composite materials, the unit is claimed to enable on-site flow measurements quickly and accurately.

The patented technology used in the Bios Dry Cal is ‘primary’ because it measures gas flow only using the SI base units of length and time in order to derive the flow.

These include the interior diameter of the glass flow cell, the length of piston travel within this cell and the time it takes the piston to travel this known distance.

With these products, customers receive accurate, directly traceable primary flow measurements that are fully supported by the Bios laboratory accreditation.

Pressure and temperature transducers in the flow stream allow conversion of the volumetric flow to standardised conditions.

The units cover broad flow ranges from 5scc to 50,000scc per minute at 100:1 turndown.

Monitoring this primary piston prover measurement, the Bios Integrator 110 is a universal mass flowmeter and mass flow controller command, control and readout device, enabling critical and elusive processes to be verified on site and in real time.

Whether equipping a fixed-site laboratory, outfitting a mobile calibration lab or addressing a pivotal flow measurement application, the Dry Cal series of primary standards are suitable wherever lowest combined standard uncertainties are a necessity.

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