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Icenta Controls now offers Fluidwell Instruments’ Triangle system, designed to measure the flow rate of bulk materials such as powders and granulates in even difficult applications such as free fall.

This flow-rate system consists of a sensor with transmitting and receiving electrodes and an indicating transmitter/totaliser.

It employs innovative ‘Field Time Control’ technology, where a concentrated electric field is generated between the sensor’s transmitting and the receiving electrodes.

The reaction time of the sensor increases as soon as the solid particles interfere with the electric field and the sensor signal output corresponds to the flow rate of the bulk material.

Field Time Control technology incorporates several features designed to obtain optimum results for pneumatically conveyed materials with variable product/air ratio or products in free fall after mechanical conveying.

In particular, its ability to detect weak signals coming from low dielectric products allows high accuracy measurement in such applications compared to other flow-rate instrumentation.

The Triangle system has a reliable and robust design for industrial applications and harsh environments.

The rigid stainless steel sensor includes a ceramic isolator for abrasive materials; typical applications include measurement of polymer powders in the waste water industry and super-absorbent pellets in the nappy industry.

The ATEX-approved transmitter includes multiple display functions, such as instantaneous flow rate, total, accumulated total, analogue output and frequency counts and is offered with various types of enclosure, including a rugged aluminium field-mount enclosure with IP67 rating.

Triangle is easy to install, has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance, providing a reliable and cost effective solution for solid flow applications.

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