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The features developed for Flowmaster V7.8 have been designed to provide users with accurate and comprehensive software for simulating complex fluid networks.

Developed with a particular focus on large plant and piping operations, Flowmaster V7.8 offers new functionality, including data wizards for pipe roughness and pipe schedules, additional heat-transfer options for multiple pipe layers, a flow coefficient curve creator and new Heat Exchangers.

this release also sees the first phase in new simulations options with the arrival of the rigorous energy balance solver.

In addition, two new import tools are available, one for 3D CAD Piping and a second for GIS; both helping to reduce time and errors when using data from other modelling tools.

The improved functionality in the data wizards eliminates the need for assumptions as users are now able to input pipe roughness values for type and condition such as deterioration due to deposits, erosion, corrosion, bacterial slimes and growths, and marine and fresh water fouling.

Important also to gas, oil, process, power generation and shipbuilding is the need to have readily available pipes defined by the standard ANSI/ASME pipe schedules.

Flowmaser V7.8 also incorporates a new data wizard that allows users to set pipe schedule specifications to calculate and populate pipe data such as diameter, material type and wall thickness, reducing the need to spend time pre-processing data and thus reducing the risk of introducing human error.

Among the new features, improvements have also been made to the usability of the software with the addition of charting enhancements, project enhancements and a results data browser.

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