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The Flowmax 22i and 44i from MIB can be used for measuring liquid flow in bottling plants.

They cover most of the industrial volume measuring points for liquids, independent of conductivity and aggressive media.

Flowmax is said to be economical, small and light, and conducts up to 250 measurements a second.

It has a straight channel geometry and minimal dead space, and the measuring tube is made from FDA-approved PSU plastic.

Measuring is carried out through ultrasound, which is coupled into and out of the medium from the outside through the housing wall.

The Flowmax 22i is designed for dosing, while the 44i has a display with a control unit.

The usual digital and analogue outputs are available.

In addition to the device’s nominal diameter DN 15 with inch thread connector, the diameters of DN 10, DN 20 and DN 25 with process connections of 1/2, 1 and 1 1/4in are included in the range.

In the case of process connections, it is possible to deliver all sizes with an NPT male thread hose connection.

Triclamp DIN 11864 Form A clamp connection can also be delivered.

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