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A hazardous area portable flowmeter from Able Instruments and Controls is being used in a pharmaceutical batching application to minimise downtime.

Macfarlan Smith manufactures and develops active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

At the company’s pharmaceutical manufacturing site in Edinburgh, the requirement for a new batching system was identified.

During the specification and delivery process, Macfarlan Smith contacted Able Instruments and Controls to provide a hazardous area portable flowmeter as a temporary measure to minimise downtime.

The batching system is used as a volumetric totaliser of solvent into a batch of product.

Accurate measurement is required for product quality, batch consistency and prevention of increased energy consumption due to overfilling.

The Atex-approved portable ultrasonic flowmeter, available from Able Instruments and Controls, provides up to 24 hours of uninterrupted liquid or gas flow metering on a single charge.

The optional ‘continuous flow’ battery pack provides ongoing flow metering with minimal downtime during battery change.

With its newly designed power source and rugged aluminium case, this self-powered precision transit time flowmeter has been engineered to provide usability in hazardous environments without the need to obtain a hot work permit.

The compact flowmeter weighs less than 25kg, making it fully portable and suitable to carry onboard a helicopter for offshore service.

The quick-install clamp-on ultrasonic transducers use Widebeam technology for reliable flow metering with high tolerance to wide flow velocities, fluctuating pressure and temperature, as well as entrainment.

Zero-matic path software eliminates all zero drift and allows zero flow to be set without the need for shutting down the flow or blocking pipe lines, making this Atex portable flowmeter suitable for applications such as check metering, flow surveys, flow verification and liquid flow analysis.

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