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Litre Meter has supplied 58 flowmeters based on the Sierra Max-Trak model 180 to Oxfordshire-based Fives Stein Limited.

The Sierra flowmeters were supplied to monitor oxygen and combustion gas flows on industrial furnaces used in the production of fibreglass.

‘The meters are used to ensure the correct oxygen to fuel ratio,’ said Alan Stephens of Fives Stein.

‘They are used in two furnaces – one fuelled by natural gas, the other by LPG.

‘We chose these meters because they are capable of accurate measurements at very low pressure.

‘This meant that we could use them where oxygen is supplied from an on-site VSA (vacuum swing) plant.’ VSA is a process where oxygen is separated from air at a low pressure and then, in this instance, used with combustion gases to power the furnaces.

‘Not only is the Sierra flowmeter capable of operating at the low pressures associated with the VSA process, it is also very robust,’ added Stephens.

‘We needed a meter that would cope with industrial conditions including the hot environment associated with glass furnaces.

‘Another deciding factor in the choice of these meters was the fact that Litre Meter was able to supply some customised software for the meters measuring LPG because the type of gas used is not standard.’ The Sierra Max-Trak 180 features a Dial-a-Gas multi-gas capability and 316 stainless steel construction.

It includes four types of analogue and two types of digital communication.

It has a wide variety of field adjustable parameters and can measure and control flow rates from 10 to 1,000 SLPM as standard.

The Max-Trak 180 has an accuracy of +/- one per cent of full scale and a repeatability of +/- 0.2 per cent full scale, which ensures a stable process even under changing conditions.

The Dial-a-Gas feature enables a selection from up to 10 gases in one instrument.

A powerful valve design enables the Max-Trak 180 to operate at low differential pressures.

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