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Fluid Dynamics, a UK-based manufacturer of scale prevention systems, has been helping farmers to solve hard water problems.

The water supply to Hunter Farms in Tennessee is very hard (480ppm) and the farm has had serious scaling in its chicken house self-watering system, its cool cells and its egg room humidifiers.

The drippers that provide drinking water for the chickens needed cleaning or replacement every 60 days and, with 7,500 chickens, that had become a daily chore.

Scale on humidifier coils was reducing heat transfer by 40 per cent, wasting electricity and causing coils to burn out regularly.

Farmers David and Margie Hunter installed a Scaletron in the water mains before the chicken house.

Scaletron uses a metal alloy, developed by Fluid Dynamics, which causes calcium carbonate to form tiny microscopic crystals that stay in suspension in the water rather than forming scale.

After 90 days of the Scaletron, there are no signs of scale build-up on the humidifier coils and the scale that was previously found on the drippers of the self-watering system has disappeared.

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