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A combination of Fluid Dynamics’ Magstream and Colloid-A-Tron technologies has solved a hard-water problem at Cotto Tiles, a construction industry supplier in Thailand.

Cotto Tiles, part of Thai Cement Company (TCC), manufactures a range of building products including moulded ceramic tiles.

The moulds are cooled with local-town mains water, which is very hard.

Over the years, the company has tried chemical additives and a range of electronic and wrap-around water conditioners, but nothing was able to stop a 10mm build-up of scale in the pipes, which reduced the water flow.

It was also affecting production as moulds could not cool properly.

Fluid Dynamics identified oil in the system and proposed a solution combining its Magstream and Colloid-A-Tron technologies.

Its prototype Magstreamplus uses powerful magnets encased in pole heads manufactured out of the same metal that is used for the catalytic core of its Colloid-A-Tron.

The calcium-carbonate particles, which are formed when hard water is heated, remain in suspension after this magnetic treatment instead of precipitating as scale on pipework and heat-transfer surfaces.

The Magstreamplus also gradually removes existing scale.

The system was installed on a trial basis for 137 days and was then removed for inspection under the supervision of TCC’s chief engineer.

According to the Cotto Tiles, the Magstreamplus was having a considerable effect on the system.

The scale thickness had decreased from 10mm to 3mm and, in some places, the bare metal was visible.

Cotto Tiles has reinstalled the unit and ordered several more for other parts of the factory.

TCC is now considering installing Magstreamplus units across its various sites in Southeast Asia.

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