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Burkert’s compact and robust Type 2080 2/2-way valve, constructed from stainless steel and FDA-approved, integrates a PTFE bellows for fluid separation in hygienic processing applications.

Type 2080 offers long operating life with neutral to aggressive gases and liquids.

It is suitable for use with foodstuffs and offers users the time-saving benefits of CIP and SIP facilities.

Compact and robust for use in hygienic applications, the Type 2080 is designed for fluid separation tasks with gases and liquids in the range from vacuum to 8bar and ambient temperatures up to +90C.

The valve’s body, actuator, flange and wetted parts are all manufactured from stainless steel and complemented by a corrosion-resistant bellows manufactured from TFM-PTFE.

The modular design of the Type 2080 allows flexible configuration with different types of armatures and customised port connections.

The valve itself comprises a pneumatically operated piston actuator with return spring, a stainless-steel body and a PTFE bellows, which provides separation of the medium.

The pneumatic actuator is servo assisted by a pilot valve, valve block or similar, for a faster and more precise response.

Position detection is provided by reed contacts in a two-wire system that can extend to 3m.

The option of a three-position actuator giving high and low flow rates means this valve is suitable high-accuracy batching applications.

FDA approved, the Type 2080 valve is optimised for use in food technology applications.

In addition to its material specification, the valve offers optional flange connection (Manifold pattern, tube weld and G 3/8 threaded ports being the other options) for safeguarding of processes and has internal contours that are simple to clean (CIP and SIP).

In addition, when used in the upright position, the 2080 offers the advantage of self-draining operation.

Burkert offers the Type 2080 either as a standalone unit or as part of system combined with support components such as the Type 6012 pilot valve, the Type 8041 flow sensor and the Type 8645 valve islands – the latter units providing flexible interfacing to third-party vendor PLCs.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has been manufacturing products and systems for over 60 years that can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has been manufacturing products and systems for over 60 years that can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.Whether the application is filling, level, flow, pressure or temperature we have a solution and a uniquely comprehensive range of products to handle it, including solenoid, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuation, sensors and controllers.

For Burkert it is not enough to simply offer individual products.Our aim is to provide complete system and application solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.Tell us what you need and our engineers will find an appropriate solution using our vast experience and a wide range of services such as advice and engineering, installation, testing, and after-sales support.

Burkert’s global presence offers our customers an additional advantage.Products and systems are constantly developed and optimised according to international standards.Through this process synergy effects evolve which ensure technological leadership and competitive advantage

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