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The DH Instruments Division of Fluke has enhanced its PPC4 precision pressure controller/calibrator product line.

PPC4 is a high-performance pressure calibrator for testing pneumatic pressure instruments.

It is designed to provide versatility and ease of use in calibration labs and manufacturing environments.

The maximum pressure range of the PPC4 has increased to cover the absolute pressure range of 1kPa (0.15lb/in2) to 14MPa (2,000lb/in2) and gauge-pressure equivalent, including low differential pressures.

The patented dynamic control is further improved, extending the minimum controlled pressure down to 1kPa.

PPC4 offers control precision to ensure the lowest total uncertainty on dynamically controlled pressures and to maximise the range covered by a single controller.

PPC4 allows users to select the user interface that best fits their application and budget.

Bench-top users can use point-and-click navigation to select the advanced graphic colour display to streamline pressure calibration and testing tasks.

The advanced graphical user interface now supports 11 different languages: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

If PPC4 spends most of its time interfaced with a computer, the basic front panel can be chosen to minimise cost.

Both interfaces include a front-panel USB connection and free cockpit software for full PC-based ‘plug and play’ functionality.

DHI’s Compass for Pressure calibration-assistance software provides an advanced off-the-shelf tool to quickly automate calibration and testing processes and handle an array of special requirements.

PPC4 uses DHI’s individually characterised quartz-reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules for increased precision and reduced measurement uncertainty.

The Autorange feature supports infinite ranging, automatically optimising all aspects of operation for the exact range of the device being calibrated.

It is rugged enough for mobile applications and standard shipment without special packaging.

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