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Till the end of 2010 Fluke is offering a 20 per cent discount to customers purchasing a new unit from its range of Fluke thermal imagers with IR-Fusion technology.

This offer is provided when an existing Fluke imager is traded up or when an alternative brand thermal imager is traded in.

The discount applies to the purchase of a fully radiometric Fluke Ti32, TiR32, Ti25, TiR1, Ti10 or TiR from an authorised Fluke distributor.

The Fluke Ti32 and TiR32 thermal imagers incorporate a 320 x 240 array sensor to provide high-definition images to help identify even the smallest temperature differences that could indicate problems.

The Fluke Ti32 industrial thermal imager is designed for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and more.

The Fluke TiR32 thermal imager for building diagnostics is designed for building envelope, energy audit, restoration and remediation, inspection and roofing professionals.

The Fluke Ti25, TiR, TiR1 and Ti10 thermal imagers feature a 160 x 120 array sensor.

The Fluke Ti25 and Ti10 thermal imagers are designed for everyday troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical installations, electro-mechanical and process equipment, HVAC/R units and other industrial and electrical equipment.

The Fluke TiR and TiR1 thermal imagers are designed as affordable solutions for building diagnostic and roofing professionals, as well as restoration and remediation specialists.

All Fluke thermal imagers in the offer feature a three-button menu designed for easy operation and navigation.

They all incorporate Fluke’s IR-Fusion technology, enabling users to combine high-precision thermal images with visible light images in full screen, picture-in-picture or blended views for enhanced problem detection and analysis.

IR-Fusion enables perfect alignment, pixel by pixel, of both infrared and visible images, said Fluke.

Each comes with a 2GB SD memory card.

Fluke Smartview software, included with each thermal imager, is a modular suite of PC tools that fully supports Fluke IR-Fusion technology for viewing, annotating, editing and analysing these stored infrared images.

It enables users to edit images in five viewing modes and generate customised professional reports in a few steps.

The Ti32, TiR32, Ti25 and TiR1 also offer the ability to record and save voice comments with every image taken.

Purchasers trading up from an existing Fluke thermal imager should download a voucher from the Fluke website, fill it in and then present the voucher to the distributor when ordering.

For purchasers trading in a non-Fluke brand thermal imager, a downloaded voucher should be completed and presented to the distributor together with the old imager at the time of purchase.

Fluke Calibration

Fluke Corporation was founded in 1948, specialising in electrical test and measurement products. Early in its history, Fluke recognised that the very best electrical metrology would be needed to support its products and undertook to develop this capability. From this activity, the calibration business was born. Over the years, many breakthrough calibration products were introduced, establishing Fluke as a leader in electrical metrology.

In 2000, Fluke acquired Wavetek Precision Measurement. In 2001, Fluke’s calibration business expanded into the temperature field with the acquisition of Hart Scientific and then into pressure and gas flow with the acquisition of DH Instruments (2007), followed by Ruska and Pressurements (2010).

The unified business’s unmatched breadth and depth in metrology puts Fluke Calibration in a unique position to deliver today’s and tomorrow’s calibrations solutions to customers who demand the very best, supported by an organisation they can count on for the long term.

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