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Fluke has announced that it has made a number of enhancements to its bench digital multimeters.

The 8808A 5.5-digit digital multimeter and the 8845A/8846A 6.5-digit multimeters will now include a USB-to-RS232 cable adapter as well as the Flukeview Forms Basic software.

The company has also increased the warranty period on these meters to three years.

The USB-to-RS232 cable adapter converts the RS-232 serial port on the 8808A, 8846A or 8845A to a USB, allowing users to connect their multimeters to PC USB ports.

Flukeview Forms Basic increases the power of Fluke bench multimeters by enabling users to document, store and analyse individual readings or series of measurements, then convert them into professional-looking documents.

The software can be used alone to download measurement data and create reports that can be saved and printed.

An optional version of the software, Flukeview Forms Basic plus Designer, allows a user to edit an existing form or create a new form to customise the report to individual needs.

A common edit might add a company logo and title.

These enhancements will be available at the existing US list prices for the meters: USD1,395 (GBP855) for the Fluke 8846A; USD995 for the Fluke 8845A; and USD775 for the Fluke 8808A.

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