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Fluke’s DH Instruments Division has added the Molbox1+ flow terminal to its Molbloc/Molbox gas-flow calibration system, resulting in improved accuracy.

The new Molbox1+ flow terminal enables users to achieve +/-0.125 per cent of reading flow-measurement uncertainty, while an added Molbox terminal configuration, Molbox1+S, improves high flow rangeability and versatility without the need for vacuum pumps.

The Molbox1+ flow terminal is the heart of the Molbloc/Molbox gas-flow calibration system.

It performs the data acquisition and processing functions necessary to precisely determine the flow through a connected Molbloc flow element.

The Molbloc-L laminar flow elements and Molbloc-S sonic nozzle flow elements are offered in different flow-path sizes to cover a variety of flow ranges from 1sccm to 5,000slm.

This combination of precision and wide coverage range in a single system makes it possible for customers to replace multiple traditional volumetric flow standards and use a consistent software interface and reporting function for both low and high flows.

The new Molbox1+S configuration makes it easier and less costly to perform high flow calibrations using Molbloc-S sonic nozzle flow elements.

With Molbox 1+S, each Molbloc-S element can cover a wider range (10:1 range turndown) without requiring vacuum pumps.

The system is viable for in-situ flowmeter calibrations because it fits easily on a calibration cart.

DHI offers a full suite of software-automation products.

Hardware accessories are available to complete the flow-calibration system, including Compass calibration-assistance software, devices for unit under-test control and Readback.

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