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Customers that trade in an old battery-operated, portable oscilloscope when buying a new Fluke ScopeMeter can choose a free product up to the value of 35 per cent of the price of the new ScopeMeter.

The range of Fluke ScopeMeters offers high-end performance with bandwidths from 20MHz up to 200MHz and sample rates up to 2.5GS/s.

Connect-and-view triggering provides an immediate, stable display for rapid fault finding.

Models are also available with an industrial bus health test capability.

The trade-in offer is valid for orders placed up until 30 September 2009.

Units to be traded in can be either the old Fluke 90 Series ScopeMeters or the Tektronix THS handheld units.

The latest Fluke handheld ScopeMeters are suitable replacements for ageing Tektronix THS handheld scopes and old Fluke 90 Series ScopeMeters.

Fluke now offers several series of ScopeMeters, each with a 600V Cat III safety rating.

The 120 industrial series comprises black-and-white, dual-input oscilloscopes that offer a 20MHz or 40MHz bandwidth, a true-RMS multi-meter capability and ‘paperless’ data recording.

The 125 model offers an industrial bus health check functionality that verifies electrical signal quality on all the major industrial buses.

For more demanding applications, the 190 series offers bandwidths of 60MHz, 100MHz or 200MHz.

The latest Fluke 225C (200MHz, 2.5GS/s) and Fluke 215C (100MHz, 1GS/s) offer the industrial bus health test capability along with all the features of the 199C and 196C Colour ScopeMeters, making these instruments suitable for engineers working on electronic and electrical systems.

The Trendplot paperless recording function on all series helps to uncover long-term trends and shows changes in any of the measurable parameters (such as the rise time of a signal).

The 190 Series and the 215C/225C models offer additional test capabilities, including FFT analysis for identifying individual frequency components contained in a signal; a ScopeRecord function that enables long records of waveform recordings to be made, over a period up to 48 hours; and a replay function, which enables the user to take a closer look at any anomaly seen flashing by on the screen by replaying the last sequence of 100 screen images.

Fluke handheld ScopeMeters are available from Fluke-authorised distributors.

Fluke Calibration

Fluke Corporation was founded in 1948, specialising in electrical test and measurement products. Early in its history, Fluke recognised that the very best electrical metrology would be needed to support its products and undertook to develop this capability. From this activity, the calibration business was born. Over the years, many breakthrough calibration products were introduced, establishing Fluke as a leader in electrical metrology.

In 2000, Fluke acquired Wavetek Precision Measurement. In 2001, Fluke’s calibration business expanded into the temperature field with the acquisition of Hart Scientific and then into pressure and gas flow with the acquisition of DH Instruments (2007), followed by Ruska and Pressurements (2010).

The unified business’s unmatched breadth and depth in metrology puts Fluke Calibration in a unique position to deliver today’s and tomorrow’s calibrations solutions to customers who demand the very best, supported by an organisation they can count on for the long term.

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