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Antenova has released the M10385 dual-mode receive/transmit internal surface-mount FM Antenna Module for a range of mobile and digital media device applications.

Antenova’s printed circuit board (PCB) antenna module design provides a simple drop-in solution to address the growing market for FM radio functionality in mobile and media devices, such as mobile phones, personal navigation devices (PNDs), personal media players (PMPs), media tables and digital photo frames (DPFs), without the need for external headphone or retractable antennas.

‘Antenova’s M10385 is an ideal solution for device manufactures wanting to add FM radio receive and transmit functionality to the new generation of slim and sleek mobile devices,’ said Greg McCray, chief executive officer of Antenova.

‘In mobile phone applications, M10385 eliminates the need for traditional headphone cable antennas and is suitable for use with Bluetooth headsets,’ he said.

‘In addition, M10385 has the transmit capability that enables any device fitted with the FM antenna module to become a personal FM transmitter,’ he continued.

‘So, for example, a user could transmit the music from their mobile phone, PMP or MP3 player to their car radio, thereby providing a no cost in-car audio integration option for listening to their music on the car’s stereo sound system,’ McCray said.

‘The same can be applied to the home stereo system with FM radio as well,’ he added.

The M10385 is an active FM antenna module consisting of Antenova’s patent-pending FM antenna, with a matching circuit and low-noise amplifier (LNA) in a 30 x 5 x 1.5mm3 package, with the convenience of a standard surface-mount device (SMD).

M10385 is capable of receiving/transmitting FM frequencies from 87.5-108MHz and is intended to be planar mounted at the edge of the host PCB for minimum space requirement.

A minimum clearance of 2mm between the antenna and the host PCB ground plane is recommended for the best FM signal reception.

The module can be easily interfaced to any FM receiver as the LNA output is matched to 50ohms, but custom impedance can also be provided.

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