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A brewer wishing to meet the growing demands of the North American market and to demonstrate the provenance of each brew has selected FMA Process Engineering to increase the capacity and flexibility of the filtration lines at its flagship brewery.

This project involved increasing the capacity of the brewery’s filtration lines from 1,650 hectare litres per hour across three filtration lines to 2,070 hectare litres per hour. 

FMA completed the project in four phases over six months, in which three new additive vessels and associated valves were installed, along with two high-capacity ‘hygienic’ three-phase, triple-filtered blending stations, a dual-destination flow-splitting valve on Filter Line 1, a new carbonating unit and end-of-line quality control equipment.

Key benefits of product application

  • Brewer said the blending station ensured high levels of water purification
  • Installation of a second blending station provided a 20 per cent increase in capacity on Filter Line 1
  • Dual-destination flow splitting valve increased flow rate by 25 per cent
  • Software pre-testing minimised downtime and enabled smooth commissioning

FMA Process Engineering

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