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FMA Process Engineering has designed and implemented Cleaning in Place (CIP) solutions for two deaerated liquor plants at one of the UK’s premier breweries.

The contract was awarded to FMA after the Lichfield-based company completed a detailed feasibility study regarding the CIP requirements.

Using the brewery’s existing CIP sets, FMA then implemented a programme designed to provide thorough cleaning to deaerated liquor plants No 1 and No 2, followed by a cleaning of the brewery ring main.

Fully automated, the FMA solution removes any element of human error from the cleaning cycle in order to provide greater assurance as well as high levels of cleaning.

Working during scheduled outages to prevent impact on production, FMA provided off-site simulation, operator training and ensured a seamless changeover from the previous semi-automatic CIP set solution.

In addition to the above project, FMA Process Engineering, was also awarded the contract to replace a high-strength mild steel caustic soda storage tank, used for various plant cleaning processes on the brewery site, with a high-density polyethylene (PE) caustic tank.

Following a detailed feasibility study carried out by FMA, PE was selected as the most suitable material for the caustic tank application.

Requiring specialist, safe removal of the existing tank, as well as the positioning of a temporary tank for use during the changeover process, FMA provided full project management, design, tank specifications and PDI.

With experience of managing sub-contractor workforces, including on-site health and safety, FMA also provided full control of the specialist sub-contractors required to flush out the old tank then prepare it for removal.

Once again, works were scheduled during planned outages to avoid disruption to production.

Old tank removal and delivery, plus location of the caustic tank, were scheduled so as to cause no disruption to local residents.

In a separate project at the same brewery, FMA has just completed a Cleaning in Place solution for the keg hall’s keg ullage collection system.

Working in close association with the brewery management team, this FMA solution embraced existing CIP capability; with additional pipework being used to facilitate the necessary cleans.

As part of the project, and as project managers, FMA fulfilled all automation, mechanical and electrical requirements.

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